Nicht mit uns! – Wir frieren nicht für Profite!

We are afraid of the winter! Rising prices for food and energy are putting a strain on all of us. For those of us with a small or medium income, for pensioners, students, trainees or the unemployed life is already barely affordable. If, in autumn, heating costs continue to rise massively, our situation will get even worse.

On September 11 we‘ll carry our anger to the streets. We‘ll make clear: We won‘t take this any longer!

We won‘t freeze in our apartments while big companies continue to make profits!

Housing and heating must be affordable!We need a true inflationary compensation – now!

Wealth immediately needs to be redistributed!

We need a true inflationary compensation – now!

We are convinced that we can only achieve our aims together and in solidarity with each other. We understand that this crisis is caused by the lack of solidarity in political action. Thereforce, we won‘t be divided by skin color, origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or handicap.

Our protest neither denies the reality of the climate crisis, nor does it play down Russias war of aggression against Ukraine nor is it based on conspiracy myths about some mysterious allmighty world rulers.